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5 Ways CMMS Can Improve ROI for Healthcare Workers

When people think of the healthcare industry, they think of the human element — doctors, nurses, patients. But what about the equipment, the facilities and the people who keep them running? This is the hidden realm of hospital equipment and facility management, and it costs […]

The Role of Analytics in Facilities

Gathering the data is just part of the CMMS process.  There are several other important steps such as preventive and corrective maintenance creation and completion.  The focus of this blog is on the Role of Analytics in Facilities Management. It is important to remember though […]

Plan Distancing Guidelines in Healthcare with Digital Floorplans

When it comes to managing social distancing guidelines for patient and waiting rooms, cafeterias, staff rooms, and common areas, project staff have largely relied on gaffers tape and yardsticks to set up the complex space management layouts needed to stay in compliance.   FacilityONE’s Computerized […]

Using SMARTPRINT Technology to Manage Social Distancing Guidelines in Education

Managing school campuses during COVID-19 has stretched the patience and budgets of many Superintendents and Facility Managers. Fundamentally the goal has stayed the same: to efficiently manage physical assets and maintenance actions, providing a safe environment for children, teachers, and administrators. However, when it comes […]

Proactive vs. Reactive Maintenance

Facility managers everywhere know the struggle — an asset breaks down and technicians have to rush to react and repair it. Unexpected downtime leads to loss of operational hours and puts a kink in your workflow. Extreme damage can even result in asset loss, and […]

4 Advantages of a Zoned Maintenance Philosophy

Zone maintenance can be defined as a structured maintenance approach that assigns a team of collaborative tradespeople to specific buildings and geographic areas of a facility, municipality, or campus. By working with this method, team members become familiar with building-specific systems, are hyper-focused on customers […]

5 Ways a CMMS Can Help You Open This Fall

The first day of school is rapidly approaching and due to COVID-19, this year is likely to be very different from any other year. From managing new social distancing requirements and increased Preventative Maintenance schedules to ensuring compliance, your team will be stretched thin. Here […]

Improve Your Maintenance Operations in K-12 Environment

Schools are facing several challenges in today’s environment.  At the forefront are the Facilities Director’s that need to ensure budgets are followed, equipment is maintained and functioning as required, staffing resources are appropriate and students as well as teachers are safe. Using a facility operations […]

5 Ways a CMMS Can Address the Unique Regulatory Requirements of Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities are unique in that they have a complex layer of regulatory agencies and state bodies that govern their compliance rates.  Our customers have helped us identify 5 ways a CMMS can help your organization stay in compliance regardless of the regulatory body.  […]

Infographic: COVID19 Go Forward Strategy

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, most specifically how we access medical institutions.  As we come out of the pandemic there will be significant changes required by healthcare institutions. We’ve outlined 5 ways an organization can use a CMMS to help with a go-forward strategy […]

Keeping Your Schools Safe While Not Operational During COVID-19

Most of the school districts in the United States shut down almost overnight, forcing a quick and hasty exit from elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. If your educational facility is like thousands of others, you left in a rush and now have a […]

How Hospitals and Senior Living Facilities have Adopted a Unique Approach to COVID-19 Activities using UNITY

Hospitals across the country are being overwhelmed with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus around the United States.  In addition to the stresses of clinical care this also puts tremendous pressure on Facilities / Operations Teams and the Environmental Services teams to ensure the clinical […]

5 Ways a CMMS Can Improve ROI for CCRC’s and Healthcare Facilities

When people think of the senior living industry, they think of the human element — doctors, nurses, residents. But what about the equipment, the facilities and the people who keep them running? This is the hidden realm of residential care equipment and facility management, and […]

Employ Mobile Strategies To Keep Your Team In The Field

What comes to mind when you hear the words “computerized maintenance management system?” A large bank of servers in a back room of your facility? Or an agile program your managers and technicians can access from a tablet or mobile phone on the go? If […]

Advancements in CMMS Technology

Technology is advancing at warp speed, and CMMS is no different. As the 2020’s begin, there are amazing advancements in the world of asset maintenance and management every day. Here are just a few that are really stirring the pot.   Mobility and Accessibility Think […]

Benefits of Interactive Blueprints in CMMS

Almost every job site has encountered it — you’re chugging along, everything is working fine, and suddenly you realize something seems…off. Why isn’t this electrical panel in the right place? Is that corner crooked? What is this HVAC vent doing here? Many of these building […]

It’s a BIG year for FacilityONE® Technologies

FacilityONE Technologies is celebrating 20 years of providing facility operations management software and solutions. Louisville, KY Founded in 1999 by a group of engineers and facility managers, 2019 marks FacilityONE Technologies 20th year since coming to market with its first facility maintenance management solution. FacilityONE […]

FacilityONE® Technologies takes huge step to bolster its Healthcare solutions offering

With Sentact collaboration, FacilityONE solves a need for an EOC rounding tool in the Healthcare sector. “We are excited about the future relationship as we bring the most comprehensive healthcare operations solution to the marketplace with our new partner.” ~Renee Farmer, CEO, FacilityONE® Technologies LOUISVILLE, KY. DECEMBER […]

Last-Minute Gifts for FMs on Your List

Ah, the holidays are upon us and that can mean just one thing…gift buying STRESS! Well, when it comes to buying for that finicky FM on your list, we’re here to help. As a member of the marketing department here at FacilityONE Technologies, I’ve certainly […]

FaciliyONE® Technologies LLC. awarded Top 10 Enterprise Asset Management Solution Provider for 2018.

FacilityONE® Technologies was selected for a Top 10 Enterprise Asset Management Solution Provider award by CIO Applications magazine. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 5, 2018 FacilityONE® Technologies was selected for a Top 10 Enterprise Asset Management Solution Provider award by CIO Applications magazine. In its November […]

Fire Detection Devices Target Safety and Standards.

10/18/2018 Open by Chris Dillon article from FacilitiesNet Ahhh, the leaves and temperatures are changing which can mean only one thing: Winter is coming. Game of Thrones reference aside, winter preparations mean wood splitting, tuning up your furnace, filling up your oil tank and of […]

SMARTPRINT Alpha™ is FacilityONE’s new Data Analytics & Visualization Platform.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (10/31/18)   FacilityONE® Technologies LLC Officially Launches Newest Product SMARTPRINT Alpha™ is FacilityONE’s new Data Analytics & Visualization Platform.   Louisville, Kentucky: FacilityONE Technologies, LLC, which provides a cloud-based Facility Information Solution (FIS) that enhances a building’s functional and economic lifespan and […]

Interconnected blueprint-technology gives you immediate access to critical facility data and provides you the power to Predict, Transform and Succeed.

IMAGINE THE OPERATIONAL SUCCESS OF YOUR FACILITIES   IMAGINE… KNOWING EVERY INCH OF YOUR FACILITIES LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Interconnected blueprint-technology gives you immediate access to critical facility data and provides you the power to Predict, Transform, and Succeed. FacilityONE SMARTPRINT® technology allows you to do […]

4 Undeniable Reasons You Need SMARTPRINT® Technology

It’s no secret that visual asset management is key to efficient operations and is often part of any robust CMMS. But, not all software is created equally. Having the ability to have all the critical information about the assets and equipment in your facility and […]

4 Reasons Why You NEED Visual Data Analytics

Business Intelligence(BI) is a trendy term that is circulating in the world of Facility Management Operations and CMMS products. But, just what does that entail and why do you need it?  Situational Awareness Imagine the ability to update situational awareness at a glance and view […]

School is Out, But the Work has Only Just Begun!

In campuses all over the country, students and families are commemorating the end of a journey of hard work and perseverance. While the ceremonies play out and caps fly through the air in celebration, Facilities Managers all over are preparing for their own personal maintenance […]

Property Management + CMMS = Easy Livin’

Property management– be it multi-family, commercial, HOA, you name it—is a whole other world of facilities management. It’s a delicate ballet of many working parts coming together in unison, and if all goes well it can exist just on the brink of chaos. As some […]

How OSHA Paved The Way For The CMMS Today

Workplace safety is critical. And managing maintenance (especially preventative) is a HUGE part of ensuring that safety. But if it weren’t for OSHA, facilities might not be accountable for safety in the way they are today and a CMMS like FacilityONE might not even exist! […]

Using CMMS Technology To Enhance Safety In The Education Sector

In facilities management, safety is key. And it’s a given that the safety of our children, near and far, is always at the top of any priority list and we as a society are always looking for new and better ways to ensure that safety. […]

4 Ways That Facilities Are GOING GREEN AND SAVING GREEN By Using A CMMS

Spring is in the air and what better time to talk about all things green—especially the kind that goes in your wallet! If you are thinking about the long term fitness of your operations and the health of your facilities and assets then pumping the […]

Buildings In Bloom: How Facility Managers Are Preparing For Springtime

Spring is only a month away! What are facility managers doing to prepare for the change of season? 1) Get out and Walk Around! If you don’t already walk your facilities, it’s never too late to start! This way you can easily catch small problems […]

Worship The Ground You Walk On: How Facilities Managers Keep Floors Healthy In The Winter

Managing wear and tear on floors in the winter is equal parts corrective and preventative maintenance. Ice and snow are inevitably tracked inside and onto the floor where it turns right into moisture. And then there’s the rock salt…oh, the rock salt… what punisher that […]

Your Facility + Our SMARTPRINT® Technology = Operational Fitness

Simply put, FacilityONE® is an innovative CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that enhances Operational Fitness. But what is Operational Fitness? Consider your long-term operational goals. What do they look like? Most would answer that they ideally look lean, strong and efficient:  your operations should survive all obstacles and you have […]

4 Tips For Using A CMMS To Make Your Facilities Flourish

Presented by FacilityONE® A Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS) can make life easier for both administrators and facility managers in myriad ways. To carry your facilities on the path to operational fitness, consider the following: Safety First! From attaching digital files of safety records, to annotating […]

Don’t be Spooked by Unanticipated Repair Costs

How a CMMS can Scare Up Savings in Operations Asset and Equipment Information in One Central Location Asset management provides users with the ability to keep all asset information in one central location. By tracking asset information such as asset ID tags, serial numbers, manuals, and pictures of […]

Managing Risk with a Proactive Maintenance Plan

“The power of being pro-active starts with FacilityONE® Tech” Maintaining the equipment in your building’s systems is a critical if not routine practice as an FM. Instead of responding to breakdowns, strategic maintenance tactics could eliminate some of the costs and headaches associated with reactive […]