Imagine having a powerful facility or portfolio tool to predict the risk, cost, and performance of your facility. With our Custom Visual Analytics, you can!

SMARTPRINT Alpha gives you the information you need to make critical business decisions.

Interconnected, Custom, Data Analytics. It’s time to view your facilities data like never before!
What keeps you up at night? Do you need to present defendable data about the performance (good or bad) of your facility? Your personal product manager will walk you through your custom analytics platform.

  • Drill down to Identify deficiencies.
  • Identify Risks.
  • Create and Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • Identify lost revenue sources & liability issues.
  • Capital Planning tool.
  • Identify the cost to run your facilities.
  • Labor optimization.
  • Life safety & Compliance tool.
  • Portfolio analysis.

How much real value is a CMMS if you can’t gain insights and make informed decisions using the data stored within it? Introducing SMARTPRINT Alpha, a fully-managed Analytics as a Service (AaaS) from FacilityONE. Our new analytics platform takes away the anarchy and creates true Business Intelligence (BI) for your facility.

Say Goodbye to:

  • One-size-fits all reporting; Reporting built by hand with complicated tools to master; Visual Overload and Piles of Spreadsheets.

Say Hello to:

  • Charting tailored to your unique needs; built for you.
  • Customized Views, transform raw data into powerful statistics.
  • Charts designed to take advantage of the way the human eye processes visual data.
  • Easily spot patterns, trends and anomalies that get lost.
  • Email Automation of your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

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